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Unlocking Youtube Channels When Using Software And Different Ip Locations


Get Truly Unlimited Niche Related Creative Commons High Quality Images For Free. Video Creation & Thumbnails & Blog Posts


Find All Buyer Keywords and Locations For a Local Video Marketing Campaign


2 Free Tools to Design Every Type of Image Advertising - YT Thumbnails - YT Banners - Facebook Covers and Much More


Major Freebie - List of All Major Countries Locations Town City and District North America Europe and Russia for Local Marketing


Released The Best Video Creation Course for Local Marketing Leveraging Free and Paid Tools


Free Full Featured WordPress Hosting With High Authority Domain For You to Build Autoblogs Syndication or Normal Blogs


Managing Multiple YT Or Social Media Accounts Without Having to Login Every Time - Mutifirefox Profiles and GhostBrowser


How to Run and Install Windows on Top of Mac Using Parallels


YouTube Channel Optimization For Local Marketing


Free Call Tracking With Twillio For Pay Per Lead - Send Call recordings as MP3 to personal and client emails, organize them in folders with info such incoming number, date and duration.


6 New Videos: Creating Thumbnail and Making Titles for Pay Per Call, Best Free Long Tail Keyword Generator, 2 Free Email Services With High Delivery Rates, and more


Finding 1st Page Rankings Testing Keywords - Poking With VSA


Phone Verify YouTube Accounts And Other Social Accounts Online for 40 Cents

Alpha SEO Training

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Tips & Tricks

  1. Creating Individual Logins For Each YouTube Channel belonging to a YT Account
  2. Moving Channels Between Youtube Accounts and its Benefits
  3. List of 542 High End Local Niches For High Ticket LeadGen Local Video Marketing
  4. Find Unlimited Targeted High Quality Niche Related Rss Feeds For All Your Syndication Needs
  5. Free High Quality Completely Royalty Free Video Backgrounds For Video Editing.
  6. Thousands of High Quality Royalty Free YouTube Verified Music to Use on Your Videos
  7. Create Direct Download Urls from Google Drive for Free Hosting of Large and Small Files
  8. Replace Voice Over Artists With this Best 2 TTS Text to Speech High Quality Voice-Over Softwares Currently Available
  9. 4 Free or Cheap Ways to Phone Verify Your YouTube Channels or Any Google Account

Webinars, Case Studies & Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls

  1. VSA Video Poking & Target 1st Page Rankings for Local LeadGen - Coaching Call with Srujan


  1. Surviving The Youtube Slap - How to Do Live Streaming Campaigns Without Banning Your YouTube Accounts (Very Few Know About This)


  1. How to Optimize a Youtube Channel the Right Way
  2. Beautiful Eye Catching Video Thumbnail Creation for Local and Affiliate Marketing, with Free Tools

External Tutorials - Tutorials external to AST but worth mention and follow

  1. How Many And What Type Of Backlinks You Should Do To Rank A 1000 Searches Per Month Video
Check The Rest Of The List +

Case Studies

  1. External Case Study - High Retention Drip Feed Views To Increase YouTube and Google Rankings For Videos

Motivation, Manifestation and Removing Limiting Beliefs

  1. Psych-k Removing Limiting beliefs and speed up manifestation/goal achieving
  2. Recommended Books
  3. Quantum Mind Power - Improve brain synchronization and intelligence
  4. Bulletproof coffee
  5. Marcoparet - Influence/hypnotize people at extreme levels
  6. Photo Reading / Mental Photography - read 25k words per minute Mind Movies - Goal achieving by watching videos

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Alpha SEO Training

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Save Money

  •  Save Money By Replacing Expensive Tools with Free or very cheap alternatives. We know that many users need to buy several tools to make an online marketing campaign work properly.

  • We will find the best quality/cheap or free resources, so you can decrease your marketing costs by 5 to 10 fold.

Fill the gap between Software and Strategy

  • Several new Software tools are released every day to automate marketing/SEO tasks. Many softwares are well developed and are worth the price.

  • Because developers are more focused on developing, supporting and marketing the tools, they miss potential ways to use their own tools.

  • Coming up with this strategies and using the software in efficient and profitable ways is our main goal. We do this by testing them with cases studies in the first place.

  • We also do Step By Step Software Module Training so you can harness all the Potential of any tool.

Have Access to Real Live, Proof and Tested Marketing Strategies

  • One thing is to Watch a video or read a tutorial on how to use a software and applying the training in the hope that will work. Other thing is to test the software/strategy before hand, repeat it several times.

  • Have step by step live proof that the strategy works, by doing the case studies. And then turning the success ones into working methods/systems.

  • The value of following a campaign being implemented from scratch, watching it being profitable, with no steps left out, is immeasurable. It helps you have the drive and will to implement it without any doubts.

  • Most people don't implement strategies, because they don't know if the time or money is worth the outcome. Now you can overcome all these fears, because you know it really works.

Become Apart of the Group. Join Us Now!


Monthly Subscription

Alpha SEO Training


Best Value - Save 43$

Year Subscription

Alpha SEO Training Annual

Alpha SEO Training

Frequent Asked Questions - FAQ

  • q-iconHow Often You Update The Content Inside AST?

    We usually update the content every week.

    We email you the new videos uploaded and also post to our Facebook group.



  • q-iconWill The 20$/month Price Increase With Time?

    We are not sure yet. The price will probably increase due to the amount and quality of the information released. The price will remain 20$ forever for current/early members. If you are one of the first, you should be happy because you have made a good decision by joining earlier.

  • q-iconWhat About Support, Do You Offer Any Type Of Assistance To Members?

    For questions regarding content, you can post a message on Facebook. We or one of the experienced members will answer it. For questions regarding technical issues such as login status or access to restricted content, we have a ticket system in place, which is verified every 12 hours.

  • q-iconDo You Have A Refund Policy?

    We could have a 30 days refund policy. But we believe that the value we are offering is so high for a 20$/month that we don’t need to. We never had a request for a refund. So, you can subscribe, consume the content, and if you find that the membership is not right for you, just unsubscribe. But we know that you will not. We have a 98% member retention rate.

  • q-iconWho Is This Membership For?

    This membership is for:

    – People that already have Video Marketing Software tools and would like to know how to use them the right way and effectively.

    – Marketers that want to have certain strategies tested and check results of the case studies. They can reach conclusions and gather some new ideas by combining them with their personal marketing campaigns.

    – YouTubers. Much of the techniques here will include techniques on how to increase organic and paid traffic for YouTube videos and channels.

    – SEO specialists. Results from case studies will reveal what is working and what is not working for certain SEO aspects. Similar to Marketers they can get new ideas to implement in their SEO projects. (Clients or personal sites/videos)

    – Individuals that want to learn about online marketing and how to make passive income.

  • q-iconSo, It Seems That Is Not Newbie Friendly Right?

    Before we say it is not newbie ready, read the following:

    This membership is planned in 5 stages. In the 1st stage we will test several strategies that we have been gathering over the years.

    Some of the system/strategies are simple, other are more advanced. But before we have the definitive prove that they work, we have to test them.

    After, we will make step by step tutorials. At this stage the membership will be newbie ready.

    You can still learn a lot, by watching the videos and following the tutorials on how to work with software.

    For example how to rank a video on YouTube for a big volume keyword so you get traffic and subscribers.

    So within 3 months we should have newbie friendly step by step tutorials.

  • q-iconIs This Membership A Long Term Project Or Just A Quick Product Launch?

    This membership is a long term project. It’s a project of 10+ years. The reason being, is that, once we find a proven, passive, non-saturated, high ROI, easy to implement and replicable strategy/system to make money, we and our members can outsource the system for example to (virtual assistants) and have a business from one single strategy.

    You see our purpose is not to make money from the membership, but rather have the resources to test what is working and show it to members, so they can earn money. We can all benefit.

  • q-iconYou Really Going To Do So Much Case Studies? Do You Have The Resources For This?

    Yes, the membership was planned with this in mind. With the growing numbers of subscribers we will have access to even more resources, so we can test even more strategies and come up with more variety of money making methods.

    The more the membership grows, the more members will benefit. If you are a member, it will be of your interest to promote it and pass it along.

  • q-iconYou Are Focusing Mostly On Case Studies, But What About "Software Training" Which Was The Original Purpose Of The Membership?

    The software training will always be one of the priorities of the membership. They will be, simple and to the point, and will cover all software functionalities.

    We will focus also on case studies because this will tell us how to use the software effectively. The formula follows the scientific method. 1st – Formulate a hypothesis. 2nd – Conduct an experiment. 3rd – Draw a conclusion and lay out the steps to repeat results.

    That is why our methods will never fail. They are based on real world factual information.

  • q-iconCan Members Request To Test A Particular Idea/strategy?

    Of course. We indeed encourage our members to ask/give us feedback, so we can better understand their needs.

    We do regular pools. If a member has a particular strategy that he would like to test, and doesn’t have the time or resources to do it, if we see potential, we will test it and make a case study.

    In turn this will benefit the rest of the members.

  • q-iconHow You Structure Or Teach The Content?

    We know that the success of any training is in the way the content is presented. This is what we do:

    – We try to use step by step short videos. We also use webinars or coaching calls. But those are separated into small parts and subtopics, with auxiliary written summaries.

    – We give you a List of resources.

    – We give you check lists, so you don’t miss any step while implementing a method.

  • q-iconWhy Is The Membership So Cheap?

    Good question. We know that people already have software and other monthly expenses. So we don’t think is fair to charge more than 20$ dollars a month.

    We also plan to have a large base of members. This will support the current activities of the membership. The main goal is to make available, PREMIUM content at an affordable price. This way everyone has a chance to grow slowly by with small investments, but high on return.

  • q-iconCan I Really Save Money With The Membership?

    If you already use software or hire services on a daily basis, such has proxies, Virtual private servers, rank tracking, or any other, we tell you where to find the cheapest and quality providers. Where to find high end premium tools, for free and also give you access to third party software with discounted prices.

    This alone is worth the price of the membership itself. Imagine you have a VPS (Windows Virtual Private Server) for 40$ a month. Now imagine we tell you a reliable source with double the specs for half the price. You have already saved 20$ a month. Now expand this to several tools and services and you will understand how much money you can save.

  • q-iconIs AST (Alpha Seo Training) Membership Worth Promoting? How Can I Have My Membership For Free?

    I do think so. We offer a 90% commission rate on front end sales and 10% monthly recurring. From every sale coming from your affiliate link, you earn 18$ and 2 dollars every month.

    We will have very good promotional tools on the affiliate page. Resources such as high converting videos, banners, story based autoresponder series, viral rebrandable pdf guides and other.

    Because we offer 90% commission on the first month and 10% recurring to affiliates, if you get 10 individuals to join trough your affiliate link, you will have your membership paid. 

    E.g.: Front End Sales = 10 sales x 18$ = 180$ + Recurring = 10 sales x 2$ = 20$/month.

Alpha SEO Training

Membership Options

Become Apart of the Group. Join Us Now!


Monthly Subscription

Alpha SEO Training


Best Value - Save 43$

Year Subscription

Alpha SEO Training Annual