100% Proven Blueprint to Drive Leads and Traffic For Local Businesses Using VIDEO.

In-depth, Short and to the Point, Newbie Friendly Training for Make Money Online Seekers, Business Owners, and SEO Experts.

Get Access to Elite Video Marketing Training and Tools for the cost of a Dinner a Month.

The price of this membership will increase to $67/month, once we release the course on how to rank Local Websites with Video within the next 30 days. Tests on ranking websites have been successful.

Then Only 27$ / Month

Monthly Subscription

Alpha SEO Training


Best Value - Save 27$

Year Subscription

Alpha SEO Training Annual

Who is this training Good for?

People who want to make money online

We teach you how to start generating leads from uploading YouTube videos. Once you have proof of calls coming in, you can reach business owners and you don't even have to be good at selling. Just make a video with proof of calls and video ranking, send a few emails to targeted business owners and rent your calls for a monthly fee.

 SEO and Video Ranking Experts

You will be able to provide rankings to your local clients in a matter of minutes. Plus, we have techniques to decrease the cost you spend ranking videos by 10 fold with our "HUB Method", plus the money you will be saving on Tools.

Business Owners

The perfect solution for business owners. You will be able to apply our techniques using the best advertising medium (VIDEO) to convey your message and drive prospects to your business. Once you see how easy it is to rank videos and drive leads to your business, you will be addicted. In fact, when we asked for existing members to say a few words about our membership, they replied, "I am sorry but I don't want my competitors to find out what I’m doing."

What You Will Have Access When you Join...

Local Video Phone Lead Gen Campaigns

This course is intended for individuals who want to sell Services to business owners. Or business owners who want to drive leads to their businesses.

You will be able to find the best keywords and rank your videos 100% of the time, both in Google and YouTube for the location you desire. No matter the competition.

We show you proof of all videos ranked and dozens of Leads generated per month with this campaigns. After you watch the initial training, you will spend 10 hours implementing the campaign and start generating calls within the first month.

Calls can then be rented to business owners for a monthly fee as many of our students are doing. Or if you are a business owner, you can leverage them for your own business. Works in any country and any niche.

Keyword Research For Local Campaigns

How to generate all the buyer intent keywords for your local niche without having to buy software. Yes all!

How to find all nearby towns and cities so you can drive leads from surrounding areas. This is the foundation of every successful campaign.

Instantly Test the Rankability of Keywords in Google

Our flagship training. Test if your keywords are going to rank in Google and YT in minutes. Test hundreds / thousands of keywords. Imagine having 500 keywords and all videos targeting them, ranking on page 1.

Would this be valuable to you? This will save you months of work by trying to target the wrong keywords in Google.

Video Creation for Local Marketing

How to create very high converting scripts and local videos, which allow you to generate more qualified buyers/calls from the same traffic.

Generate hundreds of variations from the same video or script, maintaining the quality, so you can safely upload all videos to YouTube targeting different keywords.

This example is one from a text to speech voice. We also teach you how make them at extremely cheap prices with voice over artists if you need to sell them to a client.

Set and Forget Auto Video Upload Campaigns

Imagine you have done all the steps correctly. Chosen the right keywords, created all the videos and thumbnails and setup your channels.

Do you have to upload hundreds of videos manually? No… We teach you how to spend 30 minutes of your time and setup a 500 video campaign and upload them in 10 days or 3 months, in a completely automated fashion.

You don’t even have to touch the software besides checking how well your views,  rankings and calls are growing.

SEO For Multiple Videos – Hub Method

Automated SEO for Multiple Videos. Set and Forget. Instead of paying for resources by doing SEO for individual Videos, we show you the “Hub Method” so you can rank hundreds of Videos for the price of one.

Depending on your needs, this can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Bonus included – Powerful Do-follow links from Google, Amazon, Facebook, twitter Domain and more.

IFTTT Networks for YouTube and Websites

Coined by Bradly Banner and Semantic Mastery, these are Networks of Web properties comprised of sites such as, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, Facebook and more. 15 Sites total.

IFTTT is a service that detects activity in your blog or YouTube channel and automatically shares content to these Web2.0 properties.

This is one of the backbones of our strategies. Because once a video is uploaded to YouTube it automatically shares it throughout this other sites.

This guarantees you Very High Rankings in Google / YT and views in a completely automated fashion. This networks are usually sold ranging from $25 to $75.

We charge “ONLY” $7 per network. The quality is the same or better.

The price of the membership is worth it just by having the ability to purchase them at this price once you are a member.

Tip: The more networks you have, the better your Videos or Websites will rank.

Free Call Tracking

How to rent a number and track all calls generated from your videos for $1. Recordings of calls with info such as incoming number, time of call are sent via email to you and your client if you need to.

Also save them in Gmail folders.

High Converting Video Script Templates

One of the hardest things when creating a video is to write the script. We teach you how to get high converting video scripts for free for Local Marketing.

A proven template for YouTube “Affiliate Marketing” and a script template for “Product Promotion which converts at 10% +”

How to Avoid YouTube Bans

Many users get in trouble with YouTube, and sometimes their videos or channels get banned, even if they follow all YT guidelines and avoid using automated software.

We have 10+ years of experience uploading videos to YouTube using Software, plus we interview YT Software developers and top experts and combined the ultimate list of recommendations. This will save you hours and days of frustration and many headaches.

YouTube Channel Optimization

How to properly optimize YouTube channels for local rankings. Costs nothing and provides good SEO for Videos.

Keyword Concepts, Keyword Testing and Syndication

We teach you when and why to target long tail (long keywords – easier to rank but less traffic) and short tail (short keywords – harder to rank but more traffic) for increasing the success of your campaign.

What is the process of testing the rankability of keywords in real time in Google and YouTube? And why it is important.

Why targeting previously tested keywords with YouTube Videos, and syndicating them to web2.0 properties will guarantee top #3 of google every time.

Get Fast Results and Become the Expert You Always Wanted to Be. Join us...

Then Only 27$ / Month

Monthly Subscription

Alpha SEO Training


Best Value - Save 27$

Year Subscription

Alpha SEO Training Annual

Our Whole Philosophy is to Have the Lowest Possible Overhead Costs When Creating Video Campaigns.

That is why when you join, you will have free access to the suite of tools listed below. Many of them are necessary to get the work done, and if had to purchase them individually, it would amount to several thousands of dollars.

Exclusive "Software" Member Tools

  • Instant Google Rank Checker

    Check Rankings of Your YouTube Videos and Website Instantly for unlimited keywords instantly in Google.

  • 150 Instant YouTube Embeds Tool – Single and Multi

    Generate up to 150 Instant YouTube embeds (Video Sharing Sites) in Seconds to Rank Your Videos in G and YT.

  • YouTube Video URL Variations – Single and Multi

    Generate YouTube URL Variations to send to backlinking services to better Rank Your Videos.

  • RSS Feed Creator

    Generate RSS Feeds from any type of link, so you can submit them to RSS Feed aggregators for increased rankings.

  • Web2.0 Post Lister

    List individual posts within blogs (Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, Google Plus and more) so you can backlink them individually, when IFTTT networks create them with your video embeds).

  • Spintax Tool

    Generate Spintax Format from a List

  • Live Blaster Project Mass Data Creator Tool

    Generate the data file to import to live blaster, so you can import hundreds and thousands of livestreams to test the rankability of keywords in Google.

Membership Features ...

Well Organized Structure & Content

Weekly Updates

Survey Member Needs

Quick Start Guides & Short Video Tutorials 3-5 min

Facebook Group & 24 Hour Support

Tips & Tricks

  • Unlocking YouTube Channels

    How to unlock YouTube channels to be used in different software. If you don’t do, you might get your account locked when using certain software.

  • Moving Channels Between YT Accounts

    How to move YouTube channels from one account to another. Thi is good if you want to sell your channel to a client, or want to have someone managing it.

  • List of High End Local Niches

    Don’t know which are the highest paying local niches to offer your services? We give you a 500+ list of them.

  • Find Unlimited Niche RSS Feeds

    Need to find niche related RSS Feeds so you can import content into your blog for syndication purposes? We tell you a free simple method for to find them.

  • Thousands of Royalty Free Videos and Images and Music

    We share you websites where you can find Free Royalty Free Videos, Images and Music for blogposts and videos.

  • 3 High Quality Sources for Text to Speech Voice Over

    Need to make videos, but don’t want to record yourself on the microphone or hire expensive voice over artists? We show you three High quality Free Sources to turn your text/video scripts into a voice over.

  • Hack – Know which Keywords Will Rank 100% in Google

    This is a method to find untapped keywords which will always rank both on Google and YouTube with high search volume. Very few people know about this method. Any niche and language. This will guarantee you´ll have 100% traffic when creating YT Videos.

  • Firefox and ghost browser to Manage Multiple Profiles and Social Accounts

    Do you have multiple social profiles and feel overwhelmed to login to each individual social network? We tell you a free way how to manage them all even being logged into the same social network with multiple users in different tabs.

  • Install and Run Windows on Mac

    Need to run Windows tools but you are a Mac user? Follow this tutorial and you will be able to run them.

  • Install & Playback Audio from Any VPS

    Having a VPS (Virtual Private Server) means no sound until now. We show you a way to retrieve sound from a VPS so you can for example create videos within the VPS and listen to your videos.

  • Technique to Find Instant YT Embeds

    YouTube Embeds have a great impact on SEO rankings. We teach you a way of finding unlimited instant Websites were you can embed your videos.

  • Double Phone Verify YT Channels For Free Online

    Learn how to verify your YouTube channels for free online without a SIM card.

  • Create Changeable Goo.gl 301 redirects

    Need to redirect traffic from Goo.gl shortner. What if you need to change the destination of the traffic you are sending from a Google shortner? E.g. – Sending traffic to different affiliate offers to test conversions? We teach you how to do it.

  • Manage Multiple VPSs with One Click of a Mouse

    Need to have several Virtual private servers running your software so you don’t have to have your main computer turned on, but don’t want to login to them every time? With this software you can manage and be logged into multiple VPS and change them with one click of a mouse.

Case Studies

Complementary "Free" Tools

  • Free Spinner Using WordAI and Spinrewriter

    Save money by having to buy content spinners such as SpinRewriter or WordAI. Uses the same services but for free.

  • List to comma separator

    Convert a list of terms and separate them by comma.

  • Article Character Counter

    Count the number of characters of a text so you are sure e.g. – you didn’t exceeded the YouTube character limit.

  • Free Search Volume Keyword Checker

    Alternative to Google Keyword Planner so you know what search volume each keyword has in Google.

  • Output Spun Content Tool

    Generate articles from a Spun Version of it.

  • Video Downloader From 10k sites

    Download Videos from 10,000 websites for your needs.

  • Free High Quality Screen Recording Tool to YT

    Screen Recording Tool which saves your videos directly to YouTube, saving time and money.

  • Upper and Lower Case Converter

    Convert Your text to Upper and Lower Case Eg. – For YouTube titles

  • Words to Time Calculator

    You have a video Script. Understand how long they will be when you voice over them.

  • Source of Avatars for Social Web2.0 Properties

    Need to create social accounts but you don’t have persona/avatar pictures. Use this tool.

  • Free Duplicate Content Checker

    Check if your content already exists on other webpages and is indexed in Google, so you don’t trigger duplicate penalties.

  • 301 302 redirect checker

    Check if your URL redirect is 301 302 303 from a URL shortening service. If it is not 301 will not help you rank.

  • Multiple Keyword Suggestion Tool – Google, YT, Bing Etc

    Find Keyword suggestions for, Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, Baidu, Yandex and more.

  • Free Premium Lead Finder Software

    Generate leads (Emails. & Phone Numbers) from any niche and business in the world to find clients.

  • Flick Graph Maker

    Make High Engaging Background Videos so you can make your viewers spend more time watching them.

  • Free Rank Tracker for Websites and Videos

    Free Rank Unlimited Rank Tracker to Track Your Websites.

  • Premium Copyright Free Background Music For Videos

    Our best collection of High Engaging Copyright Free Background Music to create Videos

  • 2 Good Free YT Facebook Banner / Thumbnail Creator

    Save money hiring designers. Create Very High Quality Designs for Every Social Network and need.

  • List of all Cities and Towns for 20 Major Countries

    This is worth hundreds of dollars alone. If you need to target keywords within cities from these countries (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey) this list will help you.

  • Free Full Feature WordPress Hosting With High DA

    Ready to deploy Free WordPress blog with Domain Authority of 70. Need to start a blog and rank your articles. Use this Free blog platform for this.

  • 2 Free Email Services For Large Volume Email

    Need to send 5000 emails per day, but don’t want to pay for a service? We show you 2 free tools for that.

  • 2 Free Tools to Generate Perfect Tags for YT Videos

    Don’t know which tags to insert when uploading a YouTube Video? This will automatically generate the perfect ones.

  • 4 Free Tools to Find Nearby Cities and Towns

    Need to create a campaign around a city but you don’t know how to find the nearby locations? Use these 4 tools.

  • Free Tool to Create Catchy YT Titles

    Create High Click Engaging Titles for YouTube Videos automatically.

  • Video Creator with Free Images Videos and Music

    Need to create a Very High Quality Video and you don’t want to search for Copyright Free Images, Videos and Music and video scripts? Use this tool to create a perfect video in 3 minutes using your content or website written content.

  • Free Webinar Service – Up to 1000 Participants

    Full feature Webinar Service will save you hundreds of dollars if you need to host live calls. Free same features go to webinar alternative.

  • Tool to Create Perfect Optimized SEO Articles

    Need to write a perfect semantic related keywords article or YouTube video descriptions, to rank better in search engines? Use this tool.

  • Tool to get Unlimited High Quality Images

    How to get Unlimited High Quality Images from Copyright Free YT Videos.

  • Best Compilation of Free Tools for YT Marketing

    The most complete list of Free tools to do YouTube Marketing.

  • List of 138 Free Web-hosting Services

    Need to host Private Blog Network (PBN) sites, or you don’t want to pay for hosting? Use this list.

  • Collection of Worldwide Demographics Tool

    Do in-depth Local and Affiliate market research with this compilation of tools.

  • List of 250 Free SEO Tools

    Free Tools for on page SEO, link research, keyword research and many more.

Recommended Services & Partners – Only Inside AST

  • Outsourcing Specialist from Asia – Virtual Assistants

    Need a reliable virtual assistant. We recommend our trusted specialist to deal with any task you may have.

  • Aged YouTube Accounts

    Good source of aged YouTube accounts.

  • Best & Cheapest VPS Providers

    Need a virtual private server to run your software, so you don’t have to have your computer always turned on? Renting them is not cheap, but we have the cheapest and best spec sources to run any tool.

  • YouTube Account Providers

    Need to buy YouTube Accounts for your Video Projects? We recommend reliable vendors to you.

  • What Type of Proxies to Use and their Sources

    Some tools have the need for proxies. Whether to create social accounts, upload YouTube videos or scraping the web. We tell you what best proxies to use for each situation.

  • Phone Verify YT FB and other Accounts Online for Cents

    When creating Social accounts such as Twitter, YouTube, and others, they require you to phone verify them. No need to buy SIM cards, we tell you the best online services to this.

  • Best Manual Web2.0 Creation Services

    Sometimes you need to create a blog account with a picture profile and bio description. We tested several vendors and found the highest quality and cheapest ones.

  • Vendor - High Quality Views, subscriber and other

    A safe vendor to buy YouTube views, subscribers, Facebook likes and shares, and other social network services.

Upcoming Content, Courses  and Tools ...

  • Course - Rank Local Websites Solely With Videos

    Need to rank Your Local Business Website or a client site? We will release a course inside the membership which will allow you to do this solely with YouTube Videos.

  • Course - Ranking Videos for Local High Search Volume Keywords

    Need to rank a single YouTube Video for a Local High Traffic Keyword but don’t know how? We will teach you how to do it, with the lowest possible budget.

  • Tool - Check Search Volume of Keywords in YouTube

    Currently, it is possible to check the search volume of keywords in Google, but what about YouTube? This tool will allow you to check how many searches a keyword has inside YT.

  • Tool - Indexer Checker

    Check if URLs are indexed in Google. 1000 URLs per batch.

  • Tool - YouTube Related Videos and Metadata Scraper

    Scrape Related YouTube Videos and their data, to rank in the related search side bar of YouTube. Half of the traffic generated from YouTube Videos is generated from the sidebar.

  • Tutorial - Method to Rank for any keyword in YouTube Search

    How to rank for any keyword in YouTube organic search no matter the competition.

Want to Easily Make Money by Selling Services to Local Businesses or Increase substantially the number of Leads to Your Own Business? Then Join us and Make it Happen.

Then Only 27$ / Month

Monthly Subscription

Alpha SEO Training


Best Value - Save 27$

Year Subscription

Alpha SEO Training Annual

What people say about Our Membership...

S. Reddy

I found Alpha SEO training very valuable.

There are always new strategies being added and I was able to get great success with these strategies.

I appreciate Bernardo's dedication to providing value and help.

I recommend this to everyone.

S. Reddy
Scott Rogers,

I invest in many of the products and training online, but most have left me wanting more clarification.  But when I started some of the training modules in ALPHA SEO I was blown away.

Not only is there fresh and cutting edge content, but it is presented in a simple and complete way. The why-tos and the why-nots are covered.

And most of my mental questions were answered before the module was done.

Bernardo is a teacher by heart, and is effective in stepping you through each part; whether you are new to SEO or experienced - there is a valuable take away.

The investment is not only reasonable, but the value gained is far more than the monthly.  Treat yourself to more knowledge with ALPHA SEO.

I have saved much time and confusion with the framework training. Thank you for keeping the material up-to-date.

Scott Rogers, a one-man-band

Scott Rogers, , personalizedwineboxes.com
Rui Martinho


I am a member of Alpha SEO Training and I highly recommend it.

Bernardo and John, think out of the box, and present us with valuable money making strategies that most of the people do not know about.

If you follow the crowd, you will have more competition and fewer chances of success. With their out of the box and proven strategies, you will have less competition and higher rewards.

Besides the strategies, the members area is also full of case studies and recommended free resources.

The money saved, with the recommended free resources, is by itself, worth the monthly membership price.

And each month, they present us, with new resources, strategies, and case studies.

Like I said before, I highly recommend it.

Rui Martinho, Braga, Portugal

Rui Martinho
Peter Jordan

SEO tools are simply that: tools. And as someone who has bought hundreds of them in the past, most of which are collecting dust on my hard drive -- I know the frustration of not knowing either how to use them – or how to use them properly and EFFECTIVELY.

When I joined John Currie and Bernardo Alves Alpha SEO Training Group, I came specifically in search of a better understanding of how to use VSA (Video Synd Alpha) and LSA (Live Stream Alpha) – two pieces of software I was struggling with and needed additional help beyond what was currently being offered by the developers.

Though video tutorials and online one-on-one consultations with John and Bernardo, I was able to acquire almost complete mastery of two pieces of software that I presently use on almost a daily basis in my ongoing video marketing.

That benefit alone provided me with a huge ROI.

But besides in-depth, software training, John and Bernardo offer brilliant and never-before-seen strategies for conducting keyword research, video poking and syndication.

Add to this the endless number of free (and high-value)  SEO tools available on the site, and it’s easy to understand why the Alpha SEO Training group is one  you will find yourself  visiting and exploring (as I do) habitually. 


Peter Jordan
Kathe Lucas

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to take an early peek inside your new Alpha SEO Training site.

I'm not sure there is anything quite like what you are offering out there in the marketplace right now - a great compilation of "how to" videos and instructions, plus all the included tools and software needed to tweak out any website!

I particularly loved all the video poking tips and suggestions section. Then, much to my surprise, I was blown away when I came across the exhaustive list of FREE tools - merely icing on the cake!

GREAT JOB and I know folks will love uncovering, discovering and using all these great resources - truly a site filled with some of the most awesome treasures anyone could find anywhere. Thanks again.

Kathe Lucas,
aka "Wacky Gal"

Kathe Lucas
Download Eric´s Testimonial. How he employ Our Method to get recurring 400$/month gigs from only 10 hours of work.

Become an Expert at Local Video Marketing. Learn some of the Most Powerful Video Marketing Techniques and use them for Years to come.

Join us.

Then Only 27$ / Month

Monthly Subscription

Alpha SEO Training


Best Value - Save 27$

Year Subscription

Alpha SEO Training Annual

  • q-iconWhy is this a monthly price and not a one time fee?

    Because YouTube and Google is always changing. We need to invest time and money for continuous testing if we´re going to keep up with the changes and make sure every method is up to date.

    Tools – We have a set of tools that we need to make sure are working, so you can use them without worries.

    Case studies – Continuous testing of different methods, so you have access to cutting edge information.

  • q-iconCan you guarantee results with the training?

    You probably have heard this before, but we cannot guarantee results, because we don’t know your work ethic.

    But what we can tell you is that anyone that has taken the time to watch the training and actually implement it, has achieved results.

  • q-iconWill you have to buy software to apply the methods?

    Yes, but we make sure that the software you have to buy is a one time low cost fee such as $50 to $100, or for a very small monthly fee $20/month. Don’t forget that we provide all the others tools for free.

Who are we?

Bernardo Alves

  • 5 Years Online Marketing
  • Engineer
  • Construction, Real Estate, Business Owner, Software/Communications
  • John’s Partner Alpha SEO Training and (help developing video marketing software)
  • Uploaded hundreds of thousands of videos over the years
  • Experienced at Local and Affiliate Video Marketing
  • A bit of mad Scientist

John Currie

  • 18 years Online Marketing
  • Business Owner with Successful Online Business Health Niche
  • Alpha Software Manager
  • Owner of VRank, Ranking Genius and Cloud Stacking Poster
  • Lots of Contacts with other Video Marketers. (Cutting Edge/Up to Date)
  • Bernardo’s Partner Alpha SEO Training